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Tus síntomas revelan tus engranajes secretos. Christian Flèche creador de la Descodificación Biológica nos explica desde un punto de vista terapéutico las dos fases de la dualidad humana

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Descodificación Biológica del Sistema Digestivo.
Descodificación Biológica de las Enfermedades
Enfermo Yo, pero Porque?
Descodificación de los problemas Óseos
Descodificación de los Problemas Oculares
El Orígen Emocional de las Enfermedades
Descodificación Biológica de las Enfermedades de la Piel.

The Biogenealogy Sourcebook2Biogenealogy is a comprehensive new vision of health that takes the mind-body connection one step further by identifying and consciously addressing the emotional shocks that create physical disorders. Each symptom of an illness precisely indicates its emotional origin. Thus, far from being an enemy, the physical symptom is actually a valuable ally that provides the key to the cure of the physical disease as well as resolution of the emotional imbalance that created it. Christian Fleche, the leading researcher and practitioner in the field of biogenealogy, explains that the "activation of illness" is the body's reaction to unresolved events that are frozen in time. These unresolved traumas affect the body on the cellular level and manifest in minor as well as more serious chronic conditions. In The Biogenealogy Sourcebook, Fleche systematically chronicles all the major organs of the body and specifies the types of emotional conflicts that lead to illness in those areas. For example, he explains that conflicts of separation are evidenced in diseases of the skin; a reduction of self-worth or deep anguish will manifest in the lymph nodes. He also shows that unresolved emotional issues can also be passed down to future generations if left untreated. Intended for therapists, researchers, and any person who wants to take his or her health in hand, this book is an important guide to understanding and decoding the causes and not just the effects of illness.


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